The lighting in the room that you spend longer periods in is known to have a direct influence on your mood and your stress levels. The type of lighting in the room is just as important as the intensity of the light – here is how a new lighting design that involves not only the use of properly placed and designed light fixtures properly installed by Westminster electrician, but the access of natural light as well, can efficiently lower your stress levels:

  • Moring light calms the nerves – many scientific studies prove that morning light coming through the windows reduces work-related stress and improves productivity as well as concentration, so reconfiguring the layout of the room you spend your mornings in can have great, positive effects on your stress levels;
  • Blue light is better than white light – the color of the light that you are surrounded by is also important. Blue light can provenly reduce stress levels, so try to use light bulbs that emit bluish light wherever you can;
  • Layered light – using one central fixture to illuminate the entire room is less efficient than using multiple, targeted lights to provide individual illumination for specific areas. With increased comfort and efficiency comes reduced stress levels, so try to redesign your electrical system to be able to accommodate multiple fixtures.