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Not all rooms are equally bright, but with proper lighting, you can bright up a dark room. Lack of adequate lighting often makes a room uncomfortable, gray and unattractive. Fortunately, there are many solutions to make your life brighter, other than installing large windows.

The general rule is to use several small artificial light sources instead of one large source, such as the ceiling light fixture. Spotlights, different wall or floor lamps around the room will create the impression of a brighter and larger space.

Track Lighting Rails

Many interior design professionals are increasingly using track lighting rails for small and dark rooms. These rails have bulbs in sight and can be mounted along a wall, providing optimum lighting. In addition, they do not unnecessarily load the space, and the aluminum frames provide a modern aspect to the room and also reflect the light, contributing to creating the feeling of a larger space. They are less expensive than other lighting fixtures, and mounted on a white or light colored wall, will bright up the entire room.

Accent walls with lighting fixtures

Create an accent wall with the help of sconces, creatively mounted. Four at a time, mounted at different heights, for example. Add a floor lamp to the opposite corner and the effect is guaranteed.


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