Lighting Designs That Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to new lighting designs installed by electricians in Denver that make your life easier, we primarily think about smart lighting systems with motion sensors that provide added comfort and safety to your home, without having to compromise the design.

Depending on your needs and imagination, motion sensor lighting systems can be very useful on halls, access ways, or in storage areas such as the closet or pantry.

For a long time, the benefits of sensor lighting have been shaded by the unsightly aspect of the sensors mounted visibly on the wall or ceiling. But new models reflect a special attention to details and have the sensors hidden behind the glass.

In addition to the aesthetic impact of the new designs, they have an increased efficiency, due to the use of high-frequency radar technology, which provides superior sensitivity and a larger detection area.

These smart lighting fixtures are very practical. You do not have to find switches in the dark anymore and they also help you make energy savings. They allow you to set the detection range and the start time according to your own preferences. For example, on less circulated corridors, the light off time can be set to happen more quickly than in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where you can set the time to the maximum, to prevent the light from going out while you are still in there.