Maximize Electric Car Charger Installation

An electric car charger installation Aurora electricians install can help you maximize your vehicle’s battery life, if you know a few tricks. At any rate, owning an electric car can be a good way to reduce the carbon footprint and no longer depend on expensive resources such as gasoline.

For instance, you should avoid making sudden accelerations. Going smooth can certainly help you save energy. Also you can consider the fact that Tesla vehicles are usually equipped with regenerative braking, which can help get some energy back into the battery.

Driving within the speed limits can be another excellent way to maximize your Tesla battery life. When you exceed the speed limit, batteries become less efficient.

Being consistent with your battery charging habits can be another good way to make your Tesla vehicle last much longer. It is better to charge only with a smaller amount but on a more frequent basis than to charge it with larger amounts but less frequently. Much like in the case of cell phone batteries, it is recommended to charge your Tesla battery with less than 100%. Thus, about 90% charging can be enough for a day’s drive. And when you drive back home you need to make sure the battery is at least 20% charged.