electrical hazardsWith our strong dependence on electricity, also come different risks associated with it, in any home, office or workshop. Fortunately, these risks can be eliminated by being aware of the dangers and by taking appropriate measures that start with hiring a qualified electrician. Here are a few of the most common electrical hazards that may occur in a home.

    Using defective or worn out cables or plugs

Worn, poor quality cables as well as unprofessional electrical work can increase the risks of fire and accidental electric shock that might have severe consequences. For this reason, you must quality electric accessories, avoid doing electrical work on your own and use the services of a licensed professional electrician with JM Electric.

    Overloaded extension cords and sockets

The electrical circuit intended for a socket is theoretically calculated so that in the situation where there are two consumers (in the case of double sockets), it can take over the charging load without any problem. However, problems arise when using extension cords in excess, without taking into account the actual final consumption.

    Pay extra attention to wet hands!

It is well known that the human body is a conductor of electricity. It is extremely important that the hands are thoroughly wiped and dried each time before coming into contact with any household appliance, extension cord, socket or electrical switch.