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Problems with the electrical system are complex and potentially dangerous – that`s why it is very unsafe to attempt to fix them on your own. The risks involved in the intervention of an unauthorized person are high and can affect your health, your home and the safety of your family.

Here are the most unsafe home electrical projects that must be fixed by a professional electrician.


Repairing or replacing a socket or a switch

This kind of work many people tend to do on their own, but it can be particularly dangerous if they do not have the necessary training to deal with electrical projects. Sockets and switches are an important cause of fires generated by malfunctions of the electrical installation. If the repairing/ replacing work is not done properly, it may lead to major damage and even lethal risks.


Repair, installation or replacement of an electrical panel

The intervention of an unauthorized person, without respecting safety norms in order to carry out such a project, can have negative effects, leading to the overload of the electrical installation and, in the worst case, to fires generated by a voltage fluctuation or a simple short circuit.

The electrical panel is the most important component in the electrical installation, so it requires increased attention in terms of maintenance, repairs and replacement.


Replacement of electrical installations

When sockets or switches burn constantly, there are voltage fluctuations, lighting fixtures flicker, you get electrocuted by the washing machine, or the power outages are long and way too frequent, the right solution is the replacement of the electrical installation.

Restoring the entire electrical installation in a home is a complex job that requires the experience of a professional electrician from https://jmelectricinc.com/.