electrician installed outdoor lighting design

A few strategically placed lights can help you completely change the image of your garden or terrace. These are a few ideas on how you can add warmth and beauty to outdoor areas.

  • LED lights

LED lights are in the top trends, because they are useful and economical, compared to their alternatives. No wonder many consumers choose them for their outdoor lighting projects.

  • Lanterns

Lanterns have been always very popular, especially in the arrangement of courtyards, because they illuminate and add color to the space, in an attractive and effective way.

  • Floor lamps

Floor lamps are very practical and effective, because they can be used both as reading lights and to set the atmosphere, when you want to illuminate specific areas.

  • Lighting central elements

Every garden needs a well-lit point of interest, whether it is an imposing tree, an interestingly shaped stone, a pond or the facade of a building. If you use accent lighting intelligently, you can add more character, charm and unity to the space.

  • Edge lighting

The edges are often forgotten when it comes to outdoor lighting. However, designers recommend the use of a waterproof strip of LED lights when we want to add an extra personality to a yard.  Be sure to use a licensed Centennial electrician to do the job right.