electrician teaching apprentice qualifications 

In most states, including Colorado, electricians need to undergo long training and perform thousands of hours of practice before they can participate in a licensing exam, the exam needed to allow them to become independent contractors and to provide electrical installation repair and maintenance services on their own. Here are some things that you should know about the qualifications that professional Denver electricians need to be able to work on your electrical project legally:

  • The time needed to become a journeyman electrician – journeymen electricians in Colorado need to have 8,000 hours of practice under their belt and they have to participate in 288 hours of classroom training to be allowed to continue by participating in the licensing exam.
  • The time needed to become a master electrician – becoming a journeyman electrician is not the top of the career that can be achieved in the profession, the next step being to become a master electrician. To achieve that level, the licensed journeyman electrician needs to complete 2,000 hours, time spent designing, installing and repairing various systems as well as supervising the work of electricians on their way to become journeymen.
  • Specialization courses – most electricians specialize in certain niches and they obtain the knowledge needed to work in that specialty through training courses and workshops.