The COVID pandemic has made us all more cautious when encountering strangers, such as contractors who perform home repairs, but in some cases, the repair cannot wait until the pandemic is over. Fortunately, proper safety measures can minimize the risk of contracting COVID – here are the safety precautions that your electrician will take while working in your home:

  • Wearing a face mask – your Littleton electrician will wear a face mask during the entire time they spend on your property. You should follow the example and put on a mask, too;
  • Social distancing – your electrician will maintain a safe distance from you and from anyone in your household, even during the time that you are showing the fault to be repaired;
  • Working alone – your electrician will probably ask you to leave the room while the repair work is being performed;
  • Ensuring the room is ventilated and disinfected – when the repair work is complete, your electrician will ask your permission to open the windows to ventilate the room and will wipe the surfaces they have touched to disinfect them. Just to be sure, you can repeat the disinfection process after the electrician has left, wiping the door handles and the other surfaces they have touched.