If you are planning to buy your first electric car or you are already the proud owner of an electric vehicle, you might be wondering whether you should get your own charger, too. Here is why having a home charger is a great idea:

  • Cost-efficient charging – residential charging stations can be operated for a small flat fee. They will add a little to your energy bills, but that extra cost will save you from having to drive to the next public charger, so it is surely worth it;
  • Comfort – modern home chargers are very efficient, giving your battery a full charge in less than 6 hours, allowing you to charge your car while spending the evening comfortably in your home, not requiring you to wait in the car until the battery is getting charged;
  • Increased safety – leaving your car on a public charger can entail safety risks that can be avoided if you have your own charger that you connect your car to in your own closed garage.

If you decide to get your own charger, be prepared that your unit will need to be installed by a certified electrician Denver CO technician who will not only mount the device, but will also teach you how to use it safely.