Switching To LED Lighting

LED lights are better for the environment and for your budget than conventional, incandescent bulbs (even though switching to LED lights might require you to make a more substantial initial investment), but eco-friendly operation and cost saving are not the only benefits of using the advanced technology in your home. Here are some more:

  • Durability – LED lights last much longer than conventional lighting solutions. Some LEDs can illuminate your space for up to two decades among average usage conditions, compared to conventional bulbs that don’t last longer that two years;
  • Efficient usage of energy – LED bulbs convert around 95% of the energy they use into light, compared to the 10% efficiency delivered by incandescent bulbs;
  • A wide range of color temperatures – you can buy LEDs that emit a crispy, white light, there are bulbs that emit warmer, yellow light and there are lots of other light temperature options available as well;
  • A dimmable lighting solution – you can conveniently change the intensity of your LED light, provided that you have a dimmable switch attached to the bulb. The solution will allow you not only to prevent wasting energy, but to create the right atmosphere in your rooms, too.  The local Arvada electricians recommend switching to LED for all the above reasons.