Residential electrical panel electrician updateIt is a known fact among Centennial electrician specialists that, at an interval of about 20 years, for safety reasons, the electrical panel of a home should be changed. Consequently, if the time has come to replace it, it is good to know some essential aspects, so that you can make the right choice, even if for the installation you will hire a skilled electrician.

The electrical panel has the role of offering protection to the residents of the house and to the electrical installation. It also protects the electrical appliances. It is necessary to change the electrical panel in the following situations: when the existing panel is old or when the number of energy consumers increases significantly. This replacement is very important for several reasons:

  • Eliminating the risk of a short circuit
  • Eliminating the risk of fire
  • Checking and replacing hidden wiring (they have the potential to dramatically affect the installation)
  • Replacing all non-compliant and old components
  • Eliminating problems with imperfect contacts in the current panel
  • Eliminating the danger of electric shock
  • Increasing the degree of safety for the entire electrical installation
  • Aesthetic reasons

People who have decided to replace their electrical panel invest in much better protections for their homes.