Electrical Safety Measures

The safety of the electrical system is essential for the safety of any building, so amateur electrical repairs are best avoided. While many homeowners are able to safety replace a lightbulb or even to connect a new outlet to the mains, all electrical repairs require the attention of a trained and certified electrician – here are a few signs that you need to call a professional:

  • Flickering lights – if a light in your home starts flickering and replacing the bulb does not solve the problem, the issue might be caused by a more serious fault at the level of the electrical wiring in your home, so it is a good idea to call an expert at once;
  • Tripping circuit breakers and blown fuses – two more signs of a more serious problem that needs professional remedy;
  • Electrical shocks – small shocks experienced when you try to plug an appliance can be caused by a fault of the appliance, but it can also be a sign of a more serious problem, so it is better checked by an electrician;
  • An acrid, burning smell – electrical wires can keep burning inside your walls for a long time before they cause a fire, so if you notice the characteristic smell of burning wires, disconnect the mains and call an electrician Denver CO at once.