Christmas Lighting Electricians

Electrical surges are not always massive, therefore people tend to believe that they are not so frequent, which is wrong. It`s true, large surges are rare and mostly occur when lightning strikes, but smaller surges happen all the time, especially when electricity is restored suddenly, after a power outage.

When it comes to holiday lighting, people tend to ignore safety precautions, because… well, they are in a festive mood and have other preoccupations. However, statistically speaking, there are many accidents each year caused by holiday lighting gone wrong, resulted in short circuits and fires.

Fortunately, there are several tools you can use for enjoying the holiday season with all those lights shining bright and no hazards.

  • Use an outdoor outlet cover, if you hang outdoor lights, because the plug will remain safe and dry.
  • Opt for energy efficient LED lights, because they do not release their energy as heat, like incandescent light bulbs, not to mention that you can easily connect 20 LED light strings end-to-end without worrying about overloading a socket.
  • Use power strips with surge protectors. A surge protector has the role of protecting installations and appliances from electrical surges. Failure to have these safety devices installed in your home can lead to short circuits, burnt out electrical equipment and sometimes fire damage.  For best results, look to a licensed Littleton electrician to install your Christmas Lighting.