LED lighting electrician installed Denver home

There has been a lot of talk about LED systems and bulbs as of late. And it’s true, many businesses and individuals have already made the switch to LED a long time ago, hoping to reduce the amount of electricity they pay for as well as the risk associated to older lighting technologies, which had old bulbs burn out on a fairly regular basis.


Compared to older, halogen and incandescent bulb technologies, LEDs have a few distinct advantages:


  1. They use a lot less energy to produce the same amount of light.
  2. They can be easily integrated with energy-saving and electronic systems designed for better use and control.
  3. They last for decades without having to be replaced.
  4. They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them ideal for practical use in any type of fixture.


Although the price of these bulbs is slightly higher compared to older technologies, you can usually spend less money on a lower powered, 9-12 Watt LED and get the same light you’d get from a 20-30 Watt halogen (or a 100W incandescent) bulb.


Also, the great thing about LED technology is that they actually last as long as advertised. As long as your electric system doesn’t suffer too many power surges, you can keep using an LED bulb years after you bought it without worrying about diminished performance.  Have your electrical system inspected by an electrician Denver area to make sure the LED technology can be supported.