car charging system electric charger installation

One of the ways to keep your Tesla charged and ready to drive is through a special home wall charger. We now have the third generation of these connectors, which are quite different than the previous generations, with significant changes under the hood.

A Tesla home electric car charger installation Aurora contractors do easily, being compatible with your home electrical system and delivering the amount of charge you need. It comes with Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control your home wall charger via your Smartphone.

This charger is not such a complicated electric device, but it requires the expertise of a Tesla certified electrician, whenever it needs to be troubleshoot.

What can a professional Denver electrician offer you? – First of all, safety and expertise. They will know how to work safely, so as not to cause electrical damage. In addition, being Tesla certified, they have relevant education and training that ensure the best understanding of Tesla vehicle products.

With a professional electrician, you also save time. Instead of bothering to repair your home wall charger yourself, trying all sorts of tips until one of them fits (if it fits!), you better leave these issues in the hands of a specialist. He will know exactly what to do and perform the necessary repairs without making mistakes or wasting time.