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The current news is that Tesla will make some of its superchargers for electric vehicles available to everyone.

Electric vehicles offer higher autonomy estimates and fast charging times. A few years back, nobody thought this was possible. However, the charging network in the United States needs some work. The Biden administration recently announced new standards and highlighted the progress towards building a charging network created in the U.S.

As part of this effort, the administration convinced Tesla to open the Destination Charger and Supercharger network for owners of other electric vehicle brands. According to officials, this may add at least 7,500 chargers to the system by the end of the following year, of which 3,500 are Superchargers.

It’s worth noticing that the language in the agreement probably refers to individual chargers instead of charging sites. Tesla has about 1,700 Supercharger locations in the U.S., so it is unlikely that we can see twice as many by the end of 2024.

Under the plan, all-electric vehicle drivers can access Tesla stations using the dedicated app or the company’s website. All in all, many people with electric cars will be able to charge them from the comfort of their homes by sometime in 2024, as there are many electricians Denver area and other major cities that have the knowledge to install home wall chargers to accommodate the need.