Electric Services Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be a great choice when you’re considering lighting fixtures set up in hallways, conference rooms or offices. If you want the best type of recessed lighting in your building, you can think of the following guidelines, before even considering how many lights you’ll need and how much the intensity of the produced light should actually be:


  • Use softer lighting to create a more natural feel. In many cases, recessed lighting combined with a softer light can make you feel like you’re almost in an outdoor setting, reducing the amount of strain on your eyes and increasing comfort at the same time.
  • Consider the use of mirrors and lenses to intensify and focus softer light on the elements and to the extent that you need. An adjustable recessed lighting fixture featuring lenses can also be used to switch between bright, focused and soft lighting.
  • Combine the use of recessed lighting and dimmers adapted to specific areas of a larger hall. For instance, if you have to provide lighting to a long hallway, you can have the dimmer adapted to adjust the intensity of areas that are more or less frequented, so they can be brightly lit, while other areas are dimmed down to prevent large energy expenditures.

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