Must Have Skilled Electricians

The process of becoming an electrician in Denver is a lengthy process that requires lots of dedication, time, energy and a strong motivation to learn and to progress. Here are some things to know about what it takes to become one of the electricians in Denver in the Mile-High City:

  • Becoming an apprentice – the apprenticeship is the period during which the student is learning to become a licensed electrician. The process involves thousands of hours of practice and several hundred hours of in-classroom study to learn about theoretic aspects, electrical codes and other things. When the apprentice has completed the necessary hours of practice and study, they can submit their application to take the journeyman exam;
  • Taking the exam – after taking the journeyman exam, the electrician becomes licensed, which means that now they can start their own business as an electrical contractor to provide electrical installation, repair and maintenance services;
  • Continued studies to become a master electrician – journeyman electricians can continue learning to become master electricians – experts at the highest level, allowed to plan and design the layout for electrical systems. Master electricians are also required to carry a degree in electrical engineering or in electrical construction issued by a college, a university or an accredited school.