Lighting By Electricians

Mood lighting is an essential component in any home and not only for romantic dinners. The secret to creating the right ambient and atmosphere with the help of light fixtures is lighting design that uses layers instead of harsh fluorescent light coming from a single light source on the ceiling – here is how to achieve that unique atmosphere using multiple light sources across the room:

  • Use the right light temperature – the light coming from your fixtures might look plain white, but in fact it shines in a million hues and not all light sources emit light of the same color. The warmth of light color is measured in Kelvins, the most suitable range for creating a cozy atmosphere being between 2,700 to 3,000 K;
  • Use shades in warm colors – the atmosphere of your room is determined not only by the color of the light emitted by your bulbs, but by the accessories on the fixtures as well. You have a lot of space for creativity there – you can mix translucent fixtures with shades in bright or warm colors and you can use opaque shades, too;
  • Lights placed at different heights – lamps of different heights, combined with sconces and a central fixture is the best way to create attractively flowing, warm light. Add some dimmable switches and you are all set.  For electrician services, visit