Littleton electrician rooftop commercial building maintenance

Electricians are all professionals who work on equipment that runs on electricity, but they usually specialize in very different areas of the trade. The two broadest specializations are industrial and commercial electricians – here are some things to know about what they do for a living:

  • What industrial electricians do – industrial electricians install, repair and maintain electrical equipment used in industrial settings. They usually work in plants and factories, such as car manufacturers and production facilities. In their work, they handle the electrical parts of complex hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, even robotics. An industrial Littleton electrician needs to possess specialized, in-depth knowledge of the equipment they handle, therefore the need to undergo very long training and they need to take lots of exams to become certified;
  • What commercial electricians do – these professionals carry out electrical installation, repair and maintenance work for the electrical systems used in commercial facilities, such as retail stores, office buildings, shopping malls and restaurants. They are often in charge of designing and planning complete electrical systems, therefore they to be familiar with the applicable electrical codes as well. They also need to complete apprenticeship programs, after which they need to spend a few years practicing before they can apply to become masters.