Lighting Help

Besides significant savings to the energy bill, the right light bulbs bring comfort and safety. To enjoy the ideal lighting in your home, you must choose the appropriate light bulbs by following the steps below.

  • Read the indications written on the light bulb packaging, to identify the characteristics that must correspond to your lighting fixtures. Sometimes it is also necessary to check the user manual of the fixtures to determine the bulbs that fit in.
  • Take into consideration the types of sockets. LED bulbs and economic bulbs have the same socket types as incandescent bulbs. There is no need to change the fixtures if you decide to opt for these types of modern light bulbs that offer a number of advantages compared to classic light bulbs.
  • Choose light bulb shapes that you prefer and take into consideration the supply voltage.
  • Choose lumens, not Watts. We have used incandescent bulbs for a very long time, but nowadays we have much more economic solutions. But what really interests us is the luminous flux, representing the amount of light produced by that light bulb. The good news is that modern economic light bulbs provide the same brightness and consume up to 6 times less energy.  A visit with a electrician Denver CO is home to, can get your home’s electrical needs met.