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Ensuring that your home is safe from all points of view is very important, especially in summer, when the weather can turn severe from one minute to the next and when we all tend to use our outdoor space more. Here are some tips:

  • Maintain your landscape – check your trees and other landscape features and trim and clean them to ensure that there is no large tree limb or loose structure component that could fall and cause an accident;
  • Maintain your outdoor cooking equipment before turning it on first – whatever your outdoor grill or kitchen uses as a fuel source, make sure that the appliances are checked and cleaned before being turned on to start the outdoor cooking season;
  • Figure out security threats and eliminate them – most of us take a longer vacation in summer and for enjoying our time away from home, we need to make sure that our home will not be broken into or otherwise invaded. Make sure that your home security is sufficiently strong with an adequate security system and good locks on the doors and on the windows. Pay attention to fire safety and water safety as well by ensuring that all the fixtures and systems in the home are correctly operational and up to code with a Centennial electrician that is licensed.