planned maintenance electricians power outage

Power outages are a common nuisance during the hot months – whether the blackout is scheduled to reduce the burden on electrical power plants or it is caused by a recent hurricane, having supplies ready and taking steps to ensure your comfort while you have no electricity is very important. Here are some tips:

  • Put together an emergency kit – grab a plastic box and pack in any medication that you might need as well as some water, food or nutritious snacks, such as cereal bars, dried fruits, protein bars to keep your from being hungry until the lights come back on;
  • Prepare flashlights for everyone – get several flashlights and ensure that they all have fully charged batteries;
  • Keep all your communication devices charged and have your electricians Denver area number programmed in your phone;
  • Disconnect sensitive appliances – while a power cut rarely causes damage to appliances, when the electricity comes back on, the power surge might be very harmful. If you are faced with a scheduled blackout, you can disconnect your appliances right before the outage starts; if the cut is unexpected, disconnect your appliances as soon as you can;
  • Get a portable generator – if power outages are frequent in your area and if they last long, too, it might be a good idea to have a generator at hand.