Arvada Electrician Quick Tips


Even though you might have owned a hot tub for years without running into any kind of problem, it can happen sometimes that your hot tub’s electric system could be damaged. Every hot tub has an electric and electronic system that could suffer damage because of coming contact with the water, having a malfunctioning component, or simply succumbing to wear and tear. A trained Arvada electrician will ultimately be needed to diffuse the situation; however, until then you have to know how to ensure that you and your family are completely safe.


The best thing to do is get everyone clear of the hot tub as soon as you notice a problem. Touching the water could lead to electrocution, and with the tub connected to the power outlet, that can be fatal. Even though all modern day hot tubs have protection against something like that, it’s best to be safe until you know what happened.


If you can safely unplug your hot tub without coming in contact with any water or wet areas on the concrete or tiles, you should do so. However, if the area is flooded with water or even if you just notice puddles around the cables, it’s best to leave it alone until your electrician arrives. Unless you’re an experienced electrician, your job is to simply ensure that the hot tub and its wiring are off limits to everyone and to call on your trusted Arvada electrician to fix it.