Be prepared for Christmas Lights Electrical System Don't Overload

The end of year holidays should be about joy and relaxation, but that can only be achieved through careful preparation. The holidays are also about setting the right mood with illuminated decorations that need to be handled with extra caution and attention to safety, so here are a few tips to ensure electrical safety during the celebrations:

  • Check electrical decorations before use – most illuminated decorations are used once a year, during the end of year holidays. Any electrical device can get damaged during the time spent unused, therefore checking your lights before installing them is an essential step to achieve electrical safety;
  • Do not overburden your system – never connect more circuits than your system can supply and limit the time that your decorations spend connected to the mains, it’s best to have electricians in Denver to perform a review of your electrical system;
  • Spray your tree with water every day – disconnect your lights and spray your tree with water to avoid the fire hazard posed by the contact between dry wood and leaves with illumination that delivers heat;
  • Avoid candles – candles might be great for creating that holiday spirit and they are very romantic, too, but they increase the risk of fire, especially if left unattended, so they are best avoided.