2019 Lighting TrendsInterior lighting is essential in any home – it is the component that can make or break the entire home design and it is also the element that ensures the comfort and the functionality of the home. Just like any field of interior design, lighting is also governed by trends, so here are a few lighting solutions that are really popular right now:

  • Vintage styles – modern retro fixtures combined with bulbs in styles that match the style of the fixtures, such as Edison bulbs, can be used in rustic homes as well as in modern spaces. Of course, they require the installation by an electrician Denver supports.  Vintage lights are suitable for the kitchen, the dining room, the living room as well as for the hallway;
  • Art Deco – the early 20th century style is making a powerful comeback and not only in furniture and accessory design, but when it comes to lighting fixtures. Clean lines combined with accents that make strong statements and surprising color solutions all fit into the style, opening an extraordinary, wide range of design options;
  • Large fixtures – one of the hottest trends today is to use large and dominant central lighting fixtures. Layered light is still a must, so stylish spaces are illuminated from the sides, too, but the style of the central fixture is the one that sets the style for the rest of the room.