A Look at the Main Under Cabinet Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

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Depending on where your cabinets might be located, and what you will be using them for, installing under cabinet lighting can be a great idea. However, there are a lot of things to consider before you even get started, including the intensity, layout and color of the lights, as well as the necessity of their placement and use in specific situations.  If possible hire Arvada electricians to do the wiring in advance of cabinet installation.

The rule of thumb is to use under cabinet lighting only when necessary. If you have a light source right above your counter in the kitchen, for example, and your visibility is just right, adding under cabinet lights just because you have a cabinet above your countertop might not help much aside from adding a slight aesthetic improvement. In that case, you only need a small strip of colored or white lights to do the trick.

It’s always a good idea to install a dimmer as long as your budget allows it. Dimmers can help adapt the intensity of these lights, so you can even use them effectively when your eyes are tired or when the sun isn’t fully up yet in the morning.

If you have a cabinet above a work desk, and you need more light there, consider a brighter LED lamp that also focuses the light effectively downwards. A dimmer is also great to have here, especially if you work on many different types of projects requiring different levels of focus that can easily tire out your eyes.

The Most Important Guidelines for Installing Recessed Lighting in Your Building

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Recessed lighting can be a great choice when you’re considering lighting fixtures set up in hallways, conference rooms or offices. If you want the best type of recessed lighting in your building, you can think of the following guidelines, before even considering how many lights you’ll need and how much the intensity of the produced light should actually be:


  • Use softer lighting to create a more natural feel. In many cases, recessed lighting combined with a softer light can make you feel like you’re almost in an outdoor setting, reducing the amount of strain on your eyes and increasing comfort at the same time.
  • Consider the use of mirrors and lenses to intensify and focus softer light on the elements and to the extent that you need. An adjustable recessed lighting fixture featuring lenses can also be used to switch between bright, focused and soft lighting.
  • Combine the use of recessed lighting and dimmers adapted to specific areas of a larger hall. For instance, if you have to provide lighting to a long hallway, you can have the dimmer adapted to adjust the intensity of areas that are more or less frequented, so they can be brightly lit, while other areas are dimmed down to prevent large energy expenditures.

For electrical services find licensed professionals electricians at

The Best Lighting and Home Automation Solutions for Futuristic and Elegant Homes

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Even though smart homes cost a lot of money, these days you can use technology to do just about anything you want, even on a budget. The only prerequisite is to know what to look for and to know where to look.  There are however many affordable Denver electricians services available to do those around the home electrical projects.


Home automation and lighting are two of the best methods for turning your regular home into a smart home, and there are a few simple, straightforward and relatively inexpensive methods to go about putting them into practice:


  • Start by getting a dimmer and automation unit that can be adapted to all your indoor and outdoor lights and accessed remotely.
  • Buy an automated and remotely accessible thermostat that can adjust the temperature in your home easily.
  • Get a wireless intercom to wow your visitors. Some of the more advanced intercom solutions can even be automated to take messages, record videos and send voice-activated instructions to other smart features of your home.
  • Use systems with lots of sensors. Presence and temperature sensors can notify the security system of intruders, while many automated systems, such as thermostats, lighting, drapes, AC and heating can be adapted to respond to the presence of people in a certain room to automatically adapt the conditions not only for comfort, but also to reduce energy expenditures.

Switching to LED: Do Energy Efficient Bulbs Actually Work?

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There has been a lot of talk about LED systems and bulbs as of late. And it’s true, many businesses and individuals have already made the switch to LED a long time ago, hoping to reduce the amount of electricity they pay for as well as the risk associated to older lighting technologies, which had old bulbs burn out on a fairly regular basis.


Compared to older, halogen and incandescent bulb technologies, LEDs have a few distinct advantages:


  1. They use a lot less energy to produce the same amount of light.
  2. They can be easily integrated with energy-saving and electronic systems designed for better use and control.
  3. They last for decades without having to be replaced.
  4. They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them ideal for practical use in any type of fixture.


Although the price of these bulbs is slightly higher compared to older technologies, you can usually spend less money on a lower powered, 9-12 Watt LED and get the same light you’d get from a 20-30 Watt halogen (or a 100W incandescent) bulb.


Also, the great thing about LED technology is that they actually last as long as advertised. As long as your electric system doesn’t suffer too many power surges, you can keep using an LED bulb years after you bought it without worrying about diminished performance.  Have your electrical system inspected by an electrician Denver area to make sure the LED technology can be supported.

Why Surge Protectors Are Such a Good Idea to Have Around the House

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Outlets, switches and other electric installations that feature an input or output of electricity are often fitted with surge protectors in order to prevent a surge from burning out your lighting or one of your electric or electronic devices. Extension cables and sockets can also be purchased along with surge protectors, as they come in real handy when you use them to power devices and gadgets that use up a large volume of electric current at any given time.


Let’s say you turn on your gaming computer, and for a while it just operates on low resources, as you check your email or social media pages. Then, as soon as you start a game that uses up almost the entirety of your 16 Gb of RAM, octa-core processor and high powered video card, your computer immediately starts to use up a much higher wattage of electric power. Now, depending on the type of wiring and outlets you are using, this surge can cause a short-circuit or even fry one of your computer’s expensive systems.


Surge protectors are designed to cut power to your systems as soon as a surge is detected. As a result, your precious electronics will be protected, and you also won’t have to face any of the dangers associated with sparks flying and possibly setting fire to a nearby flammable piece of fabric.  For electrical installations go to

What Are the Most Productive Lighting Solutions for Your Home Office?

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Having a home office can be a hassle, especially if your home isn’t really built to sustain one. Simple issues such as having the right space and owning the appropriate ergonomic furniture for adapting your home office into a full time workspace can be a real problem, and there are other difficulties as well – including what type of lighting to consider and how to make sure your eyes don’t hurt after a few hours of work.


Some of the most important things to consider is the types of fixtures and light bulbs you invest in. LEDs are considered best, but instead of white light, you might want to buy the more natural yellow light LEDs to avoid your eyes being affected by too much artificial lighting. You can also consider getting fixtures installed by an electrician Denver CO is home to that focus the light in specific areas or diffuse it to provide a source of soft light that won’t blind you when you look directly at it.


Finally, a great addition to your lighting system is a dimmer switch with remote access and an automation feature. This system can adjust the exact amount of light to the amount you need based on how much natural light hits its sensor. You can then keep working as it gets cloudy, light or dark, without having to worry that the light is too bright or too low in intensity for your eyes.

The Best and Worst Places to Have Power Outlets in Your Home

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Electricians Install OutletsIf you want to install outlets in your home, it’s best to know in advance what the best and the riskiest areas are where those installations can be placed. A power outlet can present a health and safety hazard, as well as a huge fire risk. As a result, it’s important to know exactly what to avoid and where to put your outlets in order to maximize safety.  Professional Arvada electricians are the best to seek advice from when it comes to anything electrical within your home.


Wall outlets are typically best to be installed far away from any sources of water. For instance, it’s very dangerous to install outlets in your bathroom, since water coming from any of your installations – especially your shower and bathtub – can conduct electricity very well and present a very real electrocution hazard.


The same is true for your kitchen. Although you’re not likely to place volatile and flammable materials near your oven or stove, which would take fires out of the equation, an outlet installed near your kitchen sink or cooking areas can similarly come in contact with water, which would be a great hazard. As a result, any outlets you have in the kitchen should be far away from your sink and refrigerator.


Finally, throughout your bedrooms and living areas, make sure your outlets are mounted on walls, above shelves or desks for plugging in your phones and audio devices, or high enough to permit easy access for powering your TV. Higher places for outlets are also typically encouraged in places where floods are common, or where there are lots of small children.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best Before Bedtime

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Sleeping problems are very common for adults. According to some researchers, the light plays a central role in our sleep cycle and some types of light are better than others for a night of healthy sleep. Even if total darkness is the best way to sleep, a night light should create a calming sensation and help you sleep.

Usually, the light is seen as a sign of when to sleep and be awake, but not all light is the same. For example, our body reacts to blue light like it would be the daytime sunlight, and keep us from falling asleep. Looking around your house you will see that most of your electronic devices have a blue light screen.

Red light instead, has a low color temperature and it is ideal for a sleepy mood. Even if you have a red light on near you while you are trying to fall asleep, it wouldn’t disturb you. Some medical research even says that red light can improve your sleep quality and treat your migraine and headaches. On the market, you can find some devices that produce red light, called Red Bulbs. Or, if you are a creative person, the Christmas light can also help you if you set them on the red and yellow colors.  For electrical installations of lighting fixtures and lighting design look to professionals such as JM Electric of Denver.

Solar Or Electric Outdoor Lighting?

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Solar lighting seems an excellent idea for those who are concerned about environmental issues. At the same time, relying on sunlight to provide electricity seems like a safer choice. Also, they can offer an impressive brightness these days, due to technological advancements.

Solar LEDs can be installed more rapidly and easily, while also giving you more freedom as far as their location is concerned. To capture solar energy, it is obvious that solar panels should be placed in sunny areas around the building. However, there is the option of using USB charging technology, thanks to which LEDs can work on power saving modes when the weather conditions do not allow to capture solar energy directly into the panels, and therefore use it straight from the source.

Low voltage solar installations can be safely installed by mostly anyone. Nevertheless, for 120 V installations, it is highly recommended to call a qualified electrician Denver CO employs.

Solar outdoor lighting can have a high aesthetic value. However, in case you need more brightness and electric capacity for your outdoor system, it is more advisable to use the classic version, namely electric lighting. Thanks to LED technology, both of these two options imply a relatively low electricity consumption.


How Outdoor Lighting Solutions Can Help Deter Home Intruders

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Perhaps the most common solution to keep intruders away is to use motion light sensors. They can signal any suspicious movement outside your home in no time. In case you prefer the traditional type of lighting, this can also help. All you need to do is leave one or two outdoor lights on. This can be enough to discourage burglars from entering your private space. Another idea is to leave one light on inside the house, even when nobody is at home. Leaving your radio or TV on can be helpful, too. This can trick unwanted visitors, making them think twice before trying to break in.

If motion sensors are accompanied by security cameras, we can speak of a higher degree of protection for your home. Proper outdoor lighting can work together with cameras to record any strange activity around your home. Another good option in terms of safe outdoor lighting may refer to lights that turn on when the sun goes down.

Regardless of the type of lighting system, it is very important to install those lights very high up, so they are hard to reach, and therefore cannot be disabled too easily.  For professional installation call on a Littleton electrician around your area.

With all these in mind, home intruders are most likely deterred from your property lines.