Lighting Tips for Your Home

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Lighting Tips JM Electric

The right interior lighting starts from the premise that the electric lighting is not necessary throughout the entire day, because the natural light is also important and must be exploited as best as possible.

Experts with companies such as JM Electric say that the minimum requirement for a room to be properly lit is that the glazed surface represents at least 10% of its total surface.

Cardinal points influence the interior lighting

It is recognized and demonstrated that the orientation of the room influences the interior lighting.  When you build a house, you should install the windows of the main rooms to the south, to benefit from sunlight all year long, or to the west, especially in the case of living rooms, because the sun will be present there in the second part of the day. Children`s rooms can have windows oriented to the east, because the morning sun will give them the energy they need in the first half of the day, while storage spaces can have north-oriented windows, considering that sunlight is not essential here.

Lighting scheme

A single light fixture will not provide you with the right amount and intensity of the light. This is why you must consider a general and a specific lighting scheme for each room. The first one will light up the whole room, facilitating your regular activities, while the second one will focus only on certain areas such as the office, the kitchen counter or the work table.


Holiday Lighting Designs for Winter 2019

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Outdoor Christmas Lights Electrician Electrial Updating

Light can turn any space into a story tale. The street you walk on every day can become a fairy alley, or at least a very nice access road, festively illuminated. Also, the same old home interior decorated with fairy lights can put you into a state of reverie or make you feel particularly inspired. In both cases, the perception of the space is influenced by the lighting.

Choosing holiday lighting for the upcoming season is a real challenge for everyone. Two of the most important aspects when making this decision are related to the space we must decorate and to our imagination. Both the interior and exterior of the house must wear a festive decor for this special occasion.

Balance and simplicity are aspects that we must take into account when choosing indoor holiday lighting. The playful shapes and colors of the decorations can make us enjoy even more the festive atmosphere. Use fairy lights to create different shapes on the walls and windows: lollipops, candies, stars etc.

As about outdoor lighting designs, they may include:

  • Classic symbols of the winter holidays: Santa Claus, tree, star, angels, snowman, sleigh, snowflakes, etc.
  • Winter animals: polar bears, reindeer, penguins
  • Fantastic characters: fairies, gnomes
  • Pure festive elements: colorful bows, bright ribbons

Don’t go to overboard with lighting, or you many need the services of an Centennial electrician to do some updating to your electrical system.


Signs It’s Time To Update Your Home Electrical Wiring

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Electrician Electrical Technician Repair

A change is needed, especially when we talk about old home electrical wiring. Whether you are moving to a new home and want to make sure that you have a safe electrical installation, or the installation in your house is too old and does not cope with the new electrical appliances, then it is necessary to replace it.

What should you do when you decide to update your home electrical wiring?

First of all, you should call a professional electrician to make an inspection, understand your requirements and develop a project for the new installation. Planning is very important, and the new project and solutions must comply with all the safety regulations. If you do not update your home electrical wiring, there is a risk of short circuits and serious accidents.

It is advisable to set exactly all the consumers in the electrical system you need and possibly create a reserve for other appliances that you could add in the future. Then, the actual update of the electrical installation involves several stages: unplugging from the electrical system, designing the new installation, preparing the walls for the wires, purchasing the necessary materials and parts, and finally, connecting the routes, sockets and consumers to the electrical panel.

Find professional electricians at like


Which Rooms Work Best With Dim Lighting?

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Dim Lighting Electrician Installed

The proper lighting of a home is often misunderstood. However, it is very important for both your personal comfort and energy efficiency.

Dim lighting is a special type of lighting that emphasizes certain areas and helps you in specific activities such as reading, writing etc. It is most effective when you want to save on electricity consumption. For example, in a dimly lit room, positioning an office lamp that will direct the ray of bright light to a particular spot will be far more efficient than if the entire room would be illuminated with bright light.

Benefits of dim lighting

This kind of contrasting lighting stimulates your brain and makes you more dynamic and focused. It helps you identify easier the details as you work and increase your efficiency. For this reason, dim lighting is used mainly in offices or study rooms.

When you want to build a space with dim lighting you can rely on desk lamps or floor lamps. Use them on the desk, under the table, on the coffee table or wherever you need extra light. Lamps with movable arm are useful to adjust the light wherever you need it. In addition, the portability they offer makes them irreplaceable.  If you need ceiling fixtures installed or new wiring, be sure to get the help of a Littleton electrician for professional installation.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Your Bathroom

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Best Bathroom Lighting Installed By Electrician

Bathroom lighting, like any other room lighting, will be much more efficient if we do not limit ourselves to install a single bulb on the ceiling. The bathroom is a very important room for the morning washing and cosmetic routines and by default for our self-esteem, so make sure you have the right light in relation to your height and the size of your bathroom. On the other hand, most surfaces in the bathroom are glossy, even shiny, so the right lighting will make them look great.

Utility light – perfect for small bathrooms

Utility light, consisting of small fixtures installed on both sides of the mirror, is the ideal solution. The light positioned correctly in relation to the person’s face and height will project the right image, without throwing unwanted shadows on their face.

Accent lights

Accent lights are naturally used where there is something to emphasize: a decorative niche, an art object, a special area – even in a small bathroom. Accent lights can be spotlights or directional lamps that illuminate the area you want to highlight.

Decorative light

Decorative light catches the eye and brings a story to an otherwise cold and annoying area. If you have installed the bathtub on an empty wall, but decorated differently that the rest of the bathroom, then a special lighting installed by an Westminster electrician will create a well-delimited, beautiful and romantic space, separated from the more prosaic areas.

Why it Might be Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Fuses

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Denver Electricans Time To Upgrade

When it comes to having a reliable electrical system, fuse boxes may not fare as well as circuit breakers. Fuse boxes can still be found today but mostly in older homes which also have old wiring and an old electrical system in general. Fuse boxes are slowly starting to be replaced because circuit breaks prove to be more reliable and should be professionally installed by JM Electric in Denver.


The demand for electricity in homes is much higher compared to a few decades ago.

Circuit breakers can handle more appliances running at the same time and increase the quality of life for people by having a more stable electrical system. Fuse boxes were made to handle only a few electronics and lights running at the same time. The major difference between them is how they handle electricity. Fuse boxes use wire that melts when overloaded. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, use a magnetic switch. Fuses need replacements while circuit bakers only need to be flipped back up.


When the system gets overloaded, a fuse box will blow out and must be replaced with another one. This will require having spare fuses at hand when needed. In comparison, a circuit breaker only trips and no replacement parts are needed. This increases the quality of life but it is also safer to use, compared to a fuse box. When switching to a different size fuse in a box made to handle lower amp sizes, it can lead to fire hazards.


A home that has a fuse box may also have outdated wiring, therefore, when doing an upgrade, it is a good idea to have some work done on the wiring as well. When should an upgrade be done? The sooner, the better. The technology is old and because homes are using more appliances at the same time, they require more stable and efficient energy flow, therefore, upgrading to circuit brakes will be the best home improvement project a homeowner could make.

Home Lighting Projects for First-Time Homeowners

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Littleton Electrician Lighting Designs

Laying out the interior design of a newly acquired home is a fun endeavor to undertake. Picking the right furniture and figuring out the general layout of a room is all good. However, what gives the home a specific mood and atmosphere is lightning. There are many examples of great lighting designs online for Littleton electrician that can provide a starting point for a home lighting project which can be further developed into something unique and personal.


An important detail would be setting up the lights in the house in a way that gives full control of the mood. Lamps, either table, floor or mounted, can complement the primary light source of a room or create a more relaxed ambient by using just the lamps. Using a singular source of light creates shadows which is a place where works need o to be done can create frustrations.


Each room should have a specific type of lighting planned out, depending on its usage. Kitchens and offices should have lights that bolster productivity and have visible working conditions. This can be noticed in many kitchens, where hanging pendants are placed over the table either used for eating or preparing food.


Whereas, a bedroom requires a softer lighting solution that greatly contributes to relaxation. Bathroom lights should be placed in such a way so that makes grooming much easier. For example, having two sources of lights on opposites sides of the mirror would be best so that every part of a person’s face is being lit.


The right lighting project should be carefully prepared so that every source of light is taken into consideration by the demand of the room itself. The space of a room, as well as ceiling height and also its main function should influence the look and ambiance.

Signs it Might be Time to do Electrical Work on Your Home

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Signs It's Time For Electrician Denver Area To Inspect Electrical

Some people may think that strange electrical phenomena in a home are the result of the place being haunted. However, asking an electrician about it will tell you the issue could be the result of faulty or deteriorating wiring. Keeping an eye for any strange electrical disturbance is important so that it can be decided whether or not they are signs it might be time to do electrical work on your home.


  1. Light bulbs popping or burning out in their sockets

This can be caused by extreme voltage fluctuations. These signs are a real cause for concern and if no fault can be detected, a proper inspection made by a professional electrician Denver has available should be made.


  1. Flickering lights

If one starts to notice persistent flickering, it may be a cause for concern and an inspection may be needed. One of the easiest sign to spot, it may be the cause of deteriorating or loose wiring, but it can also be the problem with the light bulb itself.


  1. Power fluctuations

This can be caused by overloading sockets and, loose wiring. It may even lead to the power being cut off temporarily. This can happen when a lot of electrical appliances are being used at the same time and causes an overload which leads to circuit breakers to trip. This brings us to the next sign:


  1. Tripping circuit breakers

These little fellas are designed to protect your appliances from damage. If the electrical system is overloaded, it can lead to circuit breakers to trip. However, there may be other causes for this, such as a short circuit or a ground fault. A ground fault occurs when the wiring comes in contact with the metal wall box or touches a ground wire.

Lighting Upgrades to Consider for Your New Home

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Lighting upgrades are efficient ways to increase the comfort of your new home as well as to reduce its energy consumption. Here are some upgrades that you might want to consider:

  • Install dimmable switches – these modern switches allow you to adjust the intensity of the light delivered by your fixtures to your actual requirements. Dimmer switches can prolong the lifespan of your fixtures, they contribute to energy savings, they enhance the room’s functionality and allows for adjusting the light to the desired atmosphere;
  • Install motion sensors – motion sensors turn the lights in the room on when they detect the presence of a person and they turn the lights off when there is no one in the room for a certain period;
  • Layer the light – having one, central source of light in a room is not the most efficient illumination method. Try to determine the points in the room where light is required, such as the coach where you usually sit when reading a book or the desk and illuminate those areas strategically. You can combine the central fixture with illumination installed to add atmosphere, such as recessed lights and you can also add task lights for increased comfort.  Professionals like JM Electric who have been in the business for a long time are the perfect ones to call when upgrading  your home’s electrical needs.

How Do Electricity Generators Work?

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Electricity Generators Electricians

Electricity generators are devices that use the mechanical energy produced from an external source and transform that mechanical energy into electricity. The energy source that these standalone machines use is usually some sort of fuel, such as gas, propane or coal and they vary in size from very small, portable units to generators that are of the size of a small house and are used for supplying power to facilities where it is essential to have continuous energy supply, such as hospitals.  Skilled electricians in Denver will tell you it is good to have a back up in the case the electricity goes out.

The most important components of generators is the fuel system that contains and transfers the external energy source, the engine that uses the external power source to generate energy that is transformed into electricity, the alternator that handles the process of transforming the mechanical energy into current, the voltage regulator that makes sure the voltage produced is suitable for being used by the consumers connected to the generator and the systems responsible for the cooling and the lubrification of the generator and the exhaust system through which the by-products of using the external source of energy are eliminated. Large, complex generators are operated through a separate, usually digital control panel, while smaller, simple units are usually operated with the help of buttons.