kitchen cupboards electrical under mount lighting electrician up to code

If you are currently involved in a major kitchen or bathroom upgrade or you are just looking for a little change that can transform the room in an instant, getting under-cupboard lights is an excellent option. Here are some things that you should know about under-cabinet lights:

  • A wide choice in terms of wiring – under-cabinet lights come in hard-wired styles that allow you to connect the lights to a pre-existing switch and to operate the lights through that switch; plug-in types that come with their own switch and battery-operated lights;
  • A variety of formats – the two most common formats are puck lights that concentrate light into one spot and are excellent for illuminating countertops and other surfaces where you need directed light and light bars that can shed light over larger areas;
  • Bulb types – under-cabinet lights come in incandescent, halogen and LED varieties. Out of the three options, LED lights are the most modern and they offer the widest range of benefits, from energy-efficient operation to high durability;
  • Styles available – whatever the type of the light source, under-cabinet lights come in a wide range of designs that allow you to choose the styles that work best with the style of your kitchen or bathroom.  Be sure to have all your electrical work done by a professional electrician Denver CO is home to for current code and regulation installation.