The incandescent bulb that we used for so long is today eclipsed by the more modern, more economical and powerful alternatives, and even if they have not disappeared from the market, now the supremacy is claimed by 3 types of light bulbs.  For extended knowledge on lighting and more on light bulbs and what you should be using talk with an electrician Denver CO communities support.

What are the types of light bulbs that have the monopoly on the lighting market?

  1. LED bulbs – The first and the most popular type among consumers are LED bulbs, and that’s because they consume up to 90% less electricity than the famous incandescent light bulbs. In addition, LED bulbs are also appreciated because they do not contain mercury, a toxic and harmful gas.
  2. Halogen light bulbs – They are also not bad at popularity because of the fact that the light they produce is very similar to the natural light. Compared with incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs containing iodine or bromine produce 20% more light and their lifespan is around 2000 hours of operation. However, halogen lamps record the highest energy consumption, although improvements have been made to them.
  3. Fluorescent light bulbs – They are similar to neon, but they have a smaller size, different shape, as well as smaller electronic circuits.