Tips On Lightbulbs Usage

CFL lights – compact fluorescent lightbulbs – are the latest, energy-efficient lighting solutions that are quickly gaining popularity and are gradually replacing conventional, incandescent lights. These modern bulbs work differently from traditional bulbs: while in conventional bulbs, light is generated by the electrical current passing through a metal wire, in CFL bulbs the electrical current passes through a tube filled with argon and mercury vapor to generate invisible ultraviolet light that triggers a fluorescent layer inside the tube to glow with visible light. CFL bulbs come with lots of great features and benefits and are preferred lighting of electricians in Denver and surrounding cities – here are some that account for their popularity:

  • Efficiency – CFL bulbs offer four times the efficiency of traditional, incandescent lights. A 100-watt incandescent bulb can be replaced with a CFL of only 22 watts without having to put up with diminished performance. CFLs need a bit more current to start working, but when the electricity starts doing its job, use up to 80% less energy to deliver the same performance as conventional bulbs;
  • CFLs last around 10 times longer than conventional bulbs;
  • CFL bulbs can be used in almost any setting, for almost any purpose, what’s more, there are many sockets for conventional, incandescent lights that can accommodate CFLs as well.