LED Lights Electrician Design

The popularity of LED bulbs is based on a number of clear benefits related to our health, our budget and the environment. Moreover, LED bulbs are compatible with a full range of lighting fixtures, so they play the role of the perfect light source, as you will read below.

The fact that LED bulbs guarantee low power consumption (up to 80% lower than incandescent light bulbs) is no longer a secret to anyone.

Also, most models of LED bulbs allow the regulation of the luminous flux, which guarantees a change of intensity depending on the activity you perform. The lifetime of LED bulbs is much longer than that of incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED bulbs reach the maximum light intensity instantly, without the need for an intermediate heating time.

You must not believe the myth that LED light bulbs only emit cold light. The market is full of LED bulbs with a low color temperature, specific to warm white light. If you did not know, the warm light creates comfort and harmony, being recommended for spaces in the house intended for relaxation, while the cold light helps to concentrate and can be very efficient in revealing even the smallest details.

Talk with your local Westminster electrician to find out what lighting options work best for your home.