New Lighting Technologies

The home automation concept, also known as smart home, is new for most people. This technology allows you to have electronic and even remote control of your home, your devices, lighting fixtures, accessories and indoor appliances.

If you consider adding some degree of automation to your house, then our advice is to begin with smart lighting, which is the most accessible at the moment.

What is and what does a smart bulb do?

Just like a regular bulb, a smart bulb has the primary role of illuminating a room. What makes it special is the possibility to control it via a remote or, even more conveniently, using a mobile application that runs on any Smartphone or tablet.

Smart lighting incorporates various technologies that allow you to automatically turn on and off indoor or outdoor lights, under certain conditions. Different smart lighting systems can do different things, but probably the most popular solutions are based on smart light bulbs that are capable of starting instantly or change color when someone enters a room.

Regular light fixtures are normally controlled by the movement of a switch. That means that someone must reach the switch and turn it on or off. Intelligent lighting eliminates the need to operate the switch. The network does everything for you automatically, although you can still program the lights to respond according to your preferences.  Contact an electrician Denver CO for all your options in the newest technologies in lighting.