Intelligent houses with integrated lighting and home automation systems are no longer considered futuristic elements. At present, most electric appliances and devices can already be managed by artificial intelligence, remotely, via the Internet or mobile telephony.

And the best part is that this technology is accessible to everyone. An existing electric installation by licensed electrician Denver area can be upgraded by simply adding switches that can be controlled remotely.

These smart switches can turn on or off the light with a simple touch. There is also the option to increase or decrease the intensity of the light, depending on the sequence of commands that you perform.

Another advantage of these smart light switches is that they turn the light on progressively, which means that it will reach the maximum intensity within a few seconds. This feature is great because turning the light on does not create an optical discomfort anymore.

In the past, all of these options required a permanently powered device that used to consume energy, but the miniaturization of power circuits along with new technologies and radio modules with extremely low energy consumption led to the possibility of integrating these circuits in series with the lighting circuit that you wish to command.