electrician westminster electrical outlet

While some electrical repairs can be planned, most of them are emergencies and require emergency services. Here are the types of emergencies handled by electrical contractors:

  • A burning smell coming from the wiring – burning wires have a distinct smell of burning plastic and metal. If you smell that foul odor, you should disconnect all your appliances and call an electrician right away to avoid any accidents, such an electrical fire;
  • A strange sound coming from the breaker box – this is another emergency that needs an Westminster electrician right away. The role of the breaker box is to cut off electricity when something that can damage your appliances happens. If you hear sounds coming from the box, it means that the fuses in the box are trying to interrupt the power supply, but they cannot do their job because of a fault;
  • Smoking outlets – the problem might be cause by some issue with the outlet, but it can also be caused by a more serious issue that affects the wires, so you need to call an electrician right away;
  • A power outage – if you are sure that your electricity bills are paid and the homes around you have electricity, the power outage must be caused by something in the system used in your home. Having no electricity is more than a nuisance and you ned to call an electrician to check the issue.