Electricians Know Which Lightbulbs Are Energy Efficient

Conventional, incandescent lights are still the most common and the most affordable solutions, but more modern, more versatile and more energy-efficient bulbs are becoming increasingly popular despite the slightly higher initial costs. Here are the best alternatives to traditional bulbs:

  • LED bulbs – these bulbs are suitable for standard sockets, therefore replacing your conventional lights with LED bulbs does not require you to change anything in your electrical system. LED bulbs are available in various color temperatures (light colors) and they are up to 80% more efficient, the average life expectancy of a LED bulb among average usage conditions being up to 20 years. LED lights are eco-friendly not only because they use energy more efficiently than conventional bulbs, but also because they do not contain mercury and they emit only very little heat;
  • Halogen bulbs – these lights are similar to incandescent bulbs in the sense that they also use a filament that is heated until glowing, but they are much more durable and much more energy-efficient. Another benefit of halogen lights is the quality of the light that they produce – their crisp, white light is very similar to the light of the sun around noon. Halogen lights are often used for creating attractive, modern, recessed lighting systems.  For lighting suggestions, talk with JM Electric in Denver.