electricians blinking lights home inspection

An occasional flicker in your home is not a problem, it can happen even when the electrical system as well as the fixture and the bulb are in perfect condition, but if you get lots of blinking lights and all over the home, you should have electricians Denver employs start investigating. Here are the most common causes of blinking lights:

  • A problem with the bulb – if the bulb is old and approaches the end of its life, it might start blinking some time before it stops working or it bursts;
  • A fault with the fixture – if you experience blinking in only one of your fixtures and the bulb in it is healthy, the problem might be caused by an imperfect contact inside the fixture;
  • Voltage fluctuations in the grid – modern appliances are very sensitive to these fluctuations, even the slightest drop will cause them to start flickering. The problem usually solves on its own, when the supply becomes stable again;
  • A fault of the wiring in your walls – the issue is very dangerous and it poses the risk of electrical fires, therefore it requires a professional to measure the electricity that passes through the wires, to find the source of the problem and to fix it.