power outage electricians services repair storms

Power outages, especially long ones, are uncomfortable and can wreak havoc in your fridge, yet they happen all the time. Here are the principal causes:

  • The weather – weather events are the most common causes of power outages. Storms can damage electrical lines and can put poles to the ground, ice and snow that gathers on the fixtures can cause short circuits and tree branches ripped off and dropped onto power lines can also cause lots of damage and the need for services of Denver electricians immediately;
  • Animals – electricity equipment is usually guarded to prevent the access of wildlife to the danger zones, but even so, small critters, such as squirrels, can still get in and cause damage;
  • Excavation work – some excavation projects require the power to be turned off temporarily in an entire neighborhood or town;
  • Equipment faults – utility companies work hard to maintain their equipment, but even so, accidents and faults happen;
  • Scheduled maintenance – some types of maintenance work can be performed only if there is no electricity in the local grid. Utility companies usually notify their clients about such maintenance in time;
  • Unpaid bills – a cut can be a consequence of failing to pay electrical bills by the deadline on the bill or of failing to respond to the utility company’s attempts to communicate with late payers.