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The electricity network is the system. Many of the essential elements for a construction project consider your entire house benefits from electricity.

Although how the voltage wires are distributed and then supplied from the electrical panel seems quite simple, with an easy-to-understand operating principle, it should be considered that both the installation and the maintenance of the electrical system represent complex processes, which must be done taking into account a series of specific rules and respecting all the necessary safety norms.

The electrical installation in a new house is extremely important (it should last between 30 and 50 years), so it is absolutely necessary to be done by a qualified Centennial electrician, whose main responsibilities will be grouped around the realization of the electrical plan of the building and the installation of the electrical system itself.

The electrical plan of a new house includes the supply points, the current distribution points, the electrical circuits, the number, the place, the type and the power of the sockets in the house, and the places for sconces or ceiling lamps. It will also take into account the number and type of electrical consumers. For modern homes, the possibility of power supply from photovoltaic panels or other alternative sources must also be considered.