electrician doing daily work gloves on

An electrician is a skilled worker who specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of electrical wiring systems, in residential and commercial buildings.

Electricians install and maintain components that bring electricity into homes and businesses. They must have a thorough knowledge of electrical theory, code requirements, safety practices and specialized skills.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Reading plans to determine the location of outputs, circuits, panels and other equipment
  • Knowing and following local and national electrical codes
  • Using special tools such as wire strippers, pliers, devices designed to plug cables etc.
  • Installation of new cables and sockets
  • Improving the existing electrical installation
  • Checking electrical circuits by using multimeters
  • Installation of electrical fixtures and appliances


Most electricians specialize in either new construction or repairs. An authorized Westminster electrician working in new construction installs new wiring systems, tubes, outlets and circuit breakers. Electricians working in repairs often replace old cables, fuse boxes with circuit breakers and install lighting fixtures. Some electricians specialize in installing other low voltage cable systems (e.g. those used for computer or home security systems). Electricians can also install fiber optic or coaxial cables used for telecommunications equipment. Factory electricians work on various complex systems, including industrial robots and generators.