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A master electrician supervises other electricians in Denver working on a project. He is somehow in contrast to a journeyman electrician, precisely for being certified to serve as a supervisor to other professionals and apprentices, as well as for owning a private business and working as a licensed contractor.

A master electrician has some unique job duties:

  • Supervising, and troubleshooting electrical equipment
  • Supervising and consulting various electrical projects (installations, repairs, maintenance…)
  • Taking the necessary corrective action in the case of power system failures
  • Evaluating and monitoring energy efficiency
  • Identifying training requirements for subordinates
  • Providing training, counseling and evaluating subordinate employees
  • Monitoring work productivity
  • Serving as technical point of contact for vendors and contractors

These duties require a set of particular skills that allow a master electrician to serve in a supervisory manner:

  • Adequate practices and equipment
  • Applicable safety codes
  • Interpreting blue prints, diagrams and schematics
  • Commitment to safety regulations and procedures

To become a master electrician, you will have to become a certified journeyman electrician first and then work another 4,000 hours (which translate into about 2 years of professional experience) to be able to qualify for a master electrician license. In most states, you will have to pass an exam to get this license, which will test not just your skills and knowledge as an electrician, but also your ability to supervise and direct other people during a project.