Phantom Energy Electric Devices Electrician

The small details are, most of the times, the ones that charge our monthly energy bill. Did you know that there are devices that consume energy even when they are turned off? Do you always keep the phone plugged in the socket, even when you do not charge your phone? Well, you can be sure that it consumes electricity! And there are many other electronic devices that consume electric energy when they are not turned on.

This energy is called phantom energy.

One of the causes of occult energy consumption is the stand-by, which, although it involves switching off the equipment, still maintains voltage on certain modules containing current information, such as memory circuits, as well as signaling, displaying or activation circuits. This involves a low consumption, but it is still energy consumption, which unnecessarily increases the bill.

Another cause of phantom energy is electromagnetic in nature, and it is related to the operation of the sources (internal or external) of the equipment. Even if, apparently, the equipment is completely disconnected, these sources still consume energy. The efficiency of the sources (from the point of view of the active and reactive power) is somewhere between 60-90%.

If you want to completely avoid phantom energy consumption, you should either unplug your electric devices or use a bipolar switch which disconnects both wires.  For all your electrical options, seed the advice of an electrician Denver CO employs.