Electrician Bathroom Lighting DesignAs in any other room in the house, the lighting in the bathroom must come from:

  • a general source, for the whole room, usually mounted in the middle of the ceiling
  • a focused source, which is functional and serves certain specific areas (e.g. mirror lighting)

The recommended light intensity from Arvada electricians for the bathroom is 4000 lumens. For example:

  • if you have two sources of light in this room, each should have approx. 2000 lumens, or
  • if you have 4 bulbs, each one should make a light of 1000 lumens

The light you use in the bathroom must have a warm color temperature (2700K) or neutral white (4000K), because this way it will not distort the existing colors and it will turn to be essential for a perfect makeup. You will have to choose between the two shades of white (either warm white or neutral white), because mixing them doesn`t have the expected effect.

Surfaces with darker tiles reflect less light, so you will need more light fixtures or stronger light bulbs to compensate for the light absorbed by these surfaces. Additionally, when lighting the shower or the hot tub area, you can use spot beams designed with protection against water penetration.