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The National Electric Code was created with electrical safety in mind and includes regularly updated standards for installing electric wiring across the United States

The NEC appeared in 1987 and it is updated every few years. It is published by the National Fire Protection Association as part of its fire codes series. The most recent release of the NEC was in July 2020 and there are already 4 states that adopted this update.

If you need guidelines for electrical installation, to help you prevent fires and other hazards, the NEC contains the information you need:

  • Requirements for electrical installations
  • Wiring methods, materials and protection
  • Equipment for general use, as well as special equipment
  • Special occupancies and conditions
  • Communications systems
  • Annexes (tables)

It is important to know that the standards of the National Electric Code are not federal law, despite the code’s national title and authoritative positioning.  Most states have adopted NEC standard, while others still prefer to enforce their own code.  However NEC is important to know especially by those who are doing business in the electrical industry.

Like we said before, national electrical code revision is an open process that happens every 3 years and includes public commentary and input, NFPA technical session, as well as Standards Council Action.  For quality and to code electrical services see