Vampire Power Electrician Tips

Did you know that electronic devices have a “secret” life and consume energy even after you switch them off? Yes, there are many little “vampires” like these in your house that spend half of their lifetime and even more plugged in, even during the time you are not using them.

For example, smart devices are so smart that they consume power when not in use. A very serious report made by the International Energy Agency within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development was released recently and it draws attention to an aspect that has been neglected for too long: the fact that smart devices consume much more electricity than traditional ones. And most of this consumption occurs while the devices are in stand-by – that is, from our point of view, not working. Stand-by does not actually mean that the device is off, warns IEA experts. Examples are TV receivers. In the United States there are 160 million such devices consuming 18TWh of electricity annually, more than half in stand-by mode. Consumer cost of receivers in stand-by: $ 1 billion – money spent on nothing.

And these are not the only vampire devices in our house. We can add the microwave oven, the TV or even the coffee machine. If you want to avoid vampire power, you must get used to unplug devices you no longer use.  Find out more by talking with an electrician Denver CO has to see how you can conserve energy.