electrician protected power surge

When you get a new home, or even when you have one built, you might try to find ways that you can save some money. One of them that many people tend to prefer is to minimize some of the costs associated with wiring (or rewiring) their homes, so that the process can cost less and still provide a good level of quality. Unfortunately, many choose to avoid paying for whole house surge protection in the process.


Whole house surge protection is required to protect your home against high electric charges. Whole house surge protectors and related devices are employed to do this, so that the electric system of the home can be shut down and isolated as soon as a huge electric charge – like the one resulting from a nearby lightning hit – is detected close by.


If you don’t have whole house protection for your home when a lightning strikes a nearby tree or house – and especially when it strikes your own house – the prospect involved can be quite grim. Your computers, refrigerator, AC and various plugs, lights, switches and connectors could all be fried in an instant. Depending on whether you installed any expensive smart features such as dimmers and automation devices for your faucets, the damage can be even greater, often exceeding $10k. Considering all of that, it’s definitely wiser to opt for an Westminster electrician to install a whole house surge protection.