Choosing The Right Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is an art. Decorators put in balance various aspects to achieve a practical and comfortable lighting arrangement in the bedroom.

There are several details to take into account, when choosing the type of lighting for your bedroom. First of all, think about the location of light – this is a decision based on lifestyle options such as whether owners like to read books or prefer the luminous screens of their laptops and tablets.

Color intensity and temperature are two other practical things that can make the difference between waking up in a bright room in the darkness of an early morning and relaxing in a low and mysterious light before sleeping.

Before you buy lighting fixtures for the bedroom, consider the size of the room along with the locations of the sockets and the furniture and, if necessary, ask for a specialist’s advice at Also, do not place the light directly above the bed. You will be tempted to stare into the light when you lie down in bed. Direct light above your head is not comfortable. In addition, a single light source is not as comfortable as a combination of lamps and ceiling lights.