Avoid Eye Strain Have An Electrician Install Proper LightingEye strain is a common experience for many of us, especially when we have to spend a long time staring at computer monitors or when we binge-watch our favorite TV shows. The same symptoms might appear when we strain our eyes in a room that is poorly lit or under the light of an unsuitable source of light, but fortunately, there are great, modern lighting solutions that provide light of the strength that is gentle on tired eyes. Here are some of the best options:

  • LED bulbs – these efficient, modern bulbs do not produce UV rays and they are available in various light temperature varieties, allowing people who have sensitive eyes to choose bulbs that deliver warm light. Many LED lights are also dimmable, so if you attach them to dimming switches, you can adjust the intensity of the light in the room to the activity that you are performing;
  • Full spectrum lights – also called daylight bulbs, these lighting solutions emit light that is very similar to natural light, therefore they are gentle on the eyes and great for creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in the room. Many full spectrum bulbs are dimmable as well, allowing you tailor the light to your purposes.  For light installations, contact a professional Westminster electrician for best results.