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Lighting is very important in a room, as it can be the central element, which provides the desired atmosphere. Lighting fixtures come in different styles and must be chosen carefully if we intend to project our personality on our home.

Classic style

It is known for its symmetry, order and large furniture. Always a popular stylistic concept and never old-fashioned! Lighting fixtures are always charming, with many details. In a house decorated in classic style, you will find ornate chandeliers and lighting fixtures with artistic features.

Traditional or rustic style

This style is characterized by harmony. Solid, high-quality pieces of furniture made of natural materials are commonly associated with it, as well as patterned walls, wallpapers and pastel tones. Lighting fixtures are small, geometrically shaped and spread warm light.

Modern style

It is defined by the concept of minimalism. The tones used are neutral, often dark: black, beige, gray. The asymmetry, which contradicts the classic style, denotes a new way of thinking in terms of interior design. Lighting fixtures vary. You can often find simple, geometric ceiling lights, sconces on the walls and decorative light spots, illuminating rooms or highlighting parts of them.  No matter what your style have a Westminster electrician out to do the installation, so you can be sure it is done to code and safe.