storm power outage electrician checking

Power outages can happen in any period of the year and are very common after major storms and if the cause is the damage of the power line in your area, they can also last for longer than a couple of minutes. If the outage is not widespread, call on your Centennial electrician to inspect and resolve the problem.  If your area is frequently affected by power cuts, here are a few things that you can do to make coping easier:

  • Keep devices charged at all time – your torchlights and digital devices, such as your cell phones, tablets and laptops should all be charged and functional to enable communication and movement around the house even when there is a blackout;
  • Keep in your pantry food that does not require cooking – canned food, cheese, cold cuts, even biscuits and chocolate are important to keep in your pantry to have food to eat while you are staying in the dark;
  • Have warm blankets and warm clothes at hand – if your heating system runs on electricity, a winter power cut can leave you shivering in no time. To prevent catching a cold in an unheated building, always have warm clothes, blankets, even sleeping bags at hand to give you at least some comfort until the power supply is restored.